The 848 Group exhibited at Optimising Business Broadband events in Staffordshire and Shropshire this week, having a great time alongside our friends at Growth Accelerator. Delegates from the 848 Group sales team, including James Scott, Michelle Whittaker, and Tom Humphreys,  engaged with a range of businesses to share the business benefits of a fast and reliable broadband line.

Businesses being left behind in the ever growing adoption of the Cloud was one of the key focuses of the events – providing us with the perfect pedestal to talk about networking services such as BT Net, and our range of Cisco Meraki Products.  A lot of the attendees were yearning for nothing but the best for their company – and came to us to achieve a better understanding of how to improve contemporary success.

Many businesses are finding it difficult to thrive in the current cloud adopting climate, due to lack of awareness or unfounded fears of conventional business platforms in the cloud. It’s time to “Get off the fence” when it comes to powerful and reliable business broadband, so get in touch with 848 for an honest, no jargon road map to better business IT.  However, don’t just take it from us, click here to hear from our customers about how Cisco Meraki helped them achieve WiFi bliss.

Pike Syndrome

Using Pike Syndrome as an analogy for businesses who do not recognise or embrace change, Grant excellently pinpointed the abundance of missed opportunities that businesses face when they do not adapt to the cloud. Many businesses frequently get stuck in an unsure limbo, a “Do I?” or “Don’t I?” scenario where their preconceptions or prior experiences override their willingness to evolve. It’s survival of the fittest in a world of apex predators!

The first step to success is recognising change, scrapping assumptions, and not negative experiences dictate your choice of opportunities. Watch this video below and see if you can draw a comparison to your company:

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Out of 10?

Another great speaker at the event was James Pennington, who posed the question “What would you rate your online presence out of 10?” – helping attendees and exhibitors alike realise where their Social Media is faulting. We’re not going to disclose our answer, but needless to say it was a great and inspiring presentation!

With plenty more Optimising Business Broadband events over the coming months, be sure to watch this space and we hope to see you at the next events! For the Optimising Business Broadband event schedule, click here.