Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 has officially reached end-of-life.


Plan for IT Audit

This includes carrying-out system diagnostics to obtain a full understanding of the current state of the servers and end user machines, including software configuration (version of operating systems and applications) and hardware configuration (CPU, RAM, storage). 

We will also discover what the machines are used for, for example, as an application server or domain controller, on the manufacturing shop-floor, always out on the road or within an office environment. 

This will establish the suitability for each for an inplace upgrade or the need to replace with new. 

A detailed report will be submitted offering best practice recommendations to help you with the decision-making process. 


Build for IT Audit

If agreeable and acceptable, we then move to the Build stage and the deployment, installation and configuration of the upgrades and/or replacement machines.

If required, we will liaise and work with your inhouse team and business applications providers to ensure the upgraded and/or replacement machines are fully operational and functionally ready for use. 


Run for IT Audit

The final stage is Run; we can provide ongoing support for your users and systems, throughout the lifecycle, helping to lower the total cost of ownership and ensure you optimise the return on investment. 


We’re offering a FREE IT audit to help you find out how to secure your unsupported devices or move to modern technologies.