Alice Charity

Shockingly, there are estimated to be over 15,000 children and young adults living in low-income families. Alice charity was formed in 2011 with the express purpose of providing support to these families, who often weren’t receiving any help elsewhere



What was the project?


Alice Charity engages with sponsors and donors daily. They required a way to track engagement, monitor return, and market their services regularly.

In addition, they needed to maintain strong links with the families they were helping and provide clear visibility of their engagement, to enable them to best serve the families’ needs. There was also a strong marketing element to the challenge, as Alice required the ability to build complex campaigns targeting multiple audiences.


The 848 Group provided advice and consultation around the choice of CRMs, and additionally the collaboration and productivity software that was available. 848’s advice was guided by the availability of competitive pricing for non-profit organisations, a focus on class-leading applications to support all areas of Alice Charity, the ability to support current functional requirements- and additionally, a roadmap for the future, with scalability to allow for significant growth in content and transactional throughput.

848 advised Alice Charity to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to roll out Office 365. Microsoft’s excellent non-profit organisation pricing model provided this at a fraction of the headline cost.


848 assumed project lead, guiding Alice Charity through the implementation and road mapping of future application design. 848 provisioned a trial environment for Alice Charity and configured the solution, trialling and dismissing out-of-the-box customisations along the way. We then guided the charity through the use of the application during solution overviews, which enabled Alice to build a better picture of where application changes were required, or change of processes would be used.





Alice Charity continues to make great strides in helping low-income families and remains fully focused on its goal of helping as many people as possible, in any way they can. 848 are proud to have assisted in this effort, and have provided a reliable CRM and Office 365 Solution, which will enable Alice Charity to help thousands of people for years to come.


Plans for the future include donor and pledge tracking, Just Giving integration, social engagement integration, and more.


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