Finance planning service

Our client is a large-scale finance planning service. Due to a rapid level of expansion, the client had begun to outgrow their current IT solution, and required a system that could support their increasing number of users and clients.



What was the project?


The existing server provider used by the finance planning client was insufficient to support their growing needs. At the same time, the firm decided to adopt a hosted server solution, which would enable them an off-site demand control and improve their network efficiency more broadly. They wanted a single supplier to provide these services, with the intent of minimising the amount of interaction they would have to make with external service providers.






The 848 Group provided the finance planning client with a server system hosted externally outside of their network. To undertake this task, we used the leverage of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services, to host external servers rented from Microsoft. This system was utilised to manage both their office automation and their investment management systems, and to guarantee the business continuity risk of the client, as they could be constantly operational even in the event of a local service failure.




We provided the financial planning client with a secure, scalable environment from which they could run their business-critical applications. The new system fully supports the size of their business and will grow with the firm.

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