Hannah Goodwin talks up-and-coming blogs

Our talented marketeers are submersed in the world of technology and the barriers to entry experienced by our audience. We are carefully curating and creating engaging content through inspiring and interesting blog posts and web pages that help people navigate the...

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Introducing: Tejinder Grewal

Tejinder Grewal, solutions expert, joins 848 as a Project Consultant. Tejinder Grewal comes to 848 with an outstanding wealth of knowledge and experience, having vast exposure to 2nd and 3rd line infrastructure solutions in; support, design, and delivery. Tejinder's...

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Is your Office running Office 365?

As we progress through the technological age, emphasis is on businesses to revolutionise. Digital Transformation to the Modern Workplace empowers people and processes. And, Office 365 can definitely help along the way! What is Office 365? So, you've most likely heard...

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