What Exactly is DevOps?

What is DevOps? And how can adopting DevOps solutions and services add value to your business? In this video, 848 Solutions Architect and DevOps expert Alex Sarban discusses the value of DevOps.

Bringing development (Dev) and operations (Ops) together, DevOps solutions unify people, processes and technology to enhance agility and continuously improve or create new business capabilities that add value to both end-users and customers.

848 can help you adopt DevOps culture, tools and practices with our range of services. We have a team of IT professionals with expertise in DevOps and software development on the Microsoft stack. 848 is a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team of specialists will provide expert support and guidance to ensure your IT infrastructure is agile and efficient for your users and processes. 

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Benefits of DevOps solutions and services to your business 

DevOps solutions and services help businesses increase agility and adopt continuous evolution. It enables businesses to deliver products and applications at pace, quickly adapt to market changes, react to evolving customer needs, competition and more.

  • Streamline processes, automate tasks and save time
  • Increase team productivity and deliver results faster
  • Maintain stability and reliability
  • Shorten software development cycles 

Adopting a DevOps culture empowers organisations from SMB to enterprise to build a foundation of continuous delivery and agility, and accelerate IT projects and build better projects faster.