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Voice One.

Flexible and future-proof cloud voice services for your business.

The future is digital. In 2025, the public switched telephone network (PSTN) is being switched off. This means you’ll have to rely on the internet to make and receive calls, so a move to digital telephony is a must. Voice One is our collection of scalable cloud voice services designed to support your business in the digital future.

Voice One encompasses cloud PBX solutions, SIP trunking, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) licenses, as well as the handsets and headsets users need. All available in hassle-free pay monthly packages from one partner.

We have a range of flexible solutions available, from simple voice licenses for small business users, to cloud-based calling for Microsoft Teams. Replace your legacy telephony systems with digital phone services and empower users with a modern communication experience.

With mix and match licenses, you get the Voice One package that’s right for your business. We listen to your needs and create the optimum blend of services and license types. As a BT Wholesale Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, here to design, we can deliver and support your entire IT and communications landscape. Make the move to Voice One and ensure you’re ready for the digital tomorrow, today.

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No hassle. Your Voice One package combines all the licenses and services you need in one monthly bill.


Mix and match licenses to meet different user needs. Scale your solution with ease.


All your cloud voice services provided by one partner. Only pay for the features you need.

Mix and Match Voice One Licenses for Maximum Value.

Hate paying for extras you don’t need? Not all users have the same requirements when it comes to voice communications. While some will need basic calling features and functionality, others may require a more feature-rich experience.

With Voice One, it’s easy to mix and match different licenses. This means individual users get the functionality they need, and you don’t pay for additional features for users that don’t require them. Our team will create the package for you based on your different user requirements. And you’ll have one neat bill. No complexity. No confusion.

We’ll work with you to identify the different types of users across your organisation and establish their requirements. Then, we’ll recommend the licenses with the features that will fulfil these while providing you with the best value. You get one, tailored Voice One bundle with one simple monthly bill. And users get the digital voice solution they need.

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What is the 2025 PSTN Switch-Off and How Will it Affect Your Business?

For decades, phone calls in the UK have been carried over a network of copper lines. This is known as the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This has served the country well, but it’s no longer able to keep up with the demands of modern business. And so, it’s being replaced with a digital alternative.

The digital choice enables you to make phone calls over the internet while also offering greater support for things like video calling and file sharing. Openreach, which is managing the network upgrade, is planning to switch off PSTN by the end of 2025. That means all businesses will need to have moved to digital phone lines by then. After this point, legacy phone systems and services will no longer work.

Moving to a Voice One solution will ensure your business is future-ready, while also providing you with the flexibility and simplicity you need when it comes to telephony. Get in touch with a member of our team to build a Voice One solution that works for you.

How Does Voice One Help?

With Voice One, you can provide users with simple cloud voice experiences and replace your existing analogue phone system with a future-ready solution. Our digital phone services encompass two core types of internet telephony. This enables you to find the best way to make the move to cloud-based calling.

Hosted SIP Trunking: If you have a private branch exchange (PBX) device and use ISDN, Hosted SIP Trunking lets you connect your phones to the internet. That means you can keep your current phones for now and still get the benefits of the cloud – perfect if you want to stagger your transition to digital.

Hosted Centrex: A complete digital solution, Hosted Centrex is a cloud PBX service. It replaces your on-site analogue phone system with a digital alternative. You then make calls through internet protocol (IP) phones, as well as computer and mobile apps. If you’re ready to go fully digital, this is the solution for you.

The Features and Benefits Available to Your Business.

  • You’ll be ready for the PSTN switch off in 2025 by having a digital solution in place

  • Get one trusted partner to deploy and manage your communications landscape

  • Mix and match to create a flexible Voice One package built for your business

  • Your network is monitored 24/7 providing you with complete threat protection

  • Your users can connect from anywhere, so office disasters won’t knock your business offline

  • It’s easy to integrate Voice One services with CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics

  • Voice One enables you to access digital phone services built on the UK’s leading network

  • Single number simplicity – users can take calls from anywhere, on any device using the same number

  • Gain insights with a 360-degree view of your call analytics from centralised dashboards

  • Manage numbers and users with the ability to quickly and easily scale up or down as necessary

  • Leverage contact centres features and advanced call control such as redirecting and on-hold audio

  • Cloud voice recording enables your users to record calls for training and quality purposes

One Partner to Handle it All.

The 848 Group is a BT Wholesale Partner and Microsoft Solutions Partner, here to design, deliver and support your entire IT and communications landscape. We can build and manage your Microsoft environment alongside your Voice One package, bringing together modern communications with the modern workplace. Our team of experts can sort everything from licensing to migrations to a new cloud environment.

848 is also an experienced managed service provider (MSP) providing a range of IT services and support that simplify solutions management for clients. This means we can provide the end-to-end management of your digital voice services, including service support. Connect and integrate all your communications into one centralised location, managed by one trusted partner. Enable your teams to work anywhere with digital voice services that move with them.

Voice One Services and Solutions.

Voice One Teams Connect.

Voice One Teams Connect brings flexible voice communications to Microsoft Teams. The simple way to add calling in teams, it’s reliable cloud-based service that enables high-quality business calls across all devices. Combining secure digital phone services from BT Wholesale with Microsoft Teams Operator Connect features, Voice One Teams Connect is our unified solution for seamless business communications.

Make and take calls from anywhere, all on the leading network in the UK. Benefit from one flexible voice package from one trusted partner. One simple solution for seamless business communications.

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Voice One Express.

Voice One Express is our cost-effective cloud telephony service designed to support hybrid working in small businesses. We know that sole traders and small businesses want simple but reliable solutions.

Voice One Express is an affordable cloud voice solution that’s purpose-built for single-site businesses with 10 or less users. With flexibility, simplicity, and affordability at its core, Voice One Express provides the flexible calling features users need without any unnecessary extras.

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Voice One Essential.

Voice One Essential is our cost-effective, no-frills cloud voice service to support your business in this digital future. Designed for simplicity and affordability, Voice One Essential is ideal for users who require basic calling features and functionality.

Users get a modern voice solution, and your business doesn’t end up paying for features they don’t need. It’s also easy to enhance your Voice One Essential licenses with add-ons like call recording and analytics for users that require them.

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Voice One Mobile.

Ultra-flexible and feature-rich, Voice One Mobile is our all-inclusive digital voice solution made for modern mobile working. It’s designed for users who need the freedom to call, connect and chat from anywhere. With a full range of advanced calling capabilities, Voice One Mobile provides seamless communication experiences across devices, with single number simplicity and flexibility.

Get all the functionality you’d expect from a traditional phone service, plus enhanced features for future-ready calling and communication.

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Your Digital Phone Services Need a Modern Workplace with Reliable Connectivity

The 848 Group is partnered with Microsoft, BT Wholesale and Cisco. We design, deploy and manage tailored cloud voice and connectivity services, and modern workplace solutions. With over 11 years of experience in providing cloud connected digital transformations, we have the expertise, skills, and partnerships to modernise and future-proof your business using technology.

We bring you a unified approach to your communications and IT. From broadband to cloud PC, calling to collaboration tools, 848 can help. We’re your single partner for all your IT and communication needs.


Voice One Packages.

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