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Voice One Teams Connect.

The flexible, easy and cost-effective way to add calling to Microsoft Teams. 

Our Unified Solution for Seamless Business Communication.

Voice One Teams Connect brings truly flexible voice communications to Microsoft Teams. It’s our cloud-based phone solution for high-quality business calls across all devices. Voice One Teams Connect Combining secure digital phone services from BT Wholesale with Microsoft Teams Operator Connect. Make and take calls from anywhere, all on the leading network in the UK. Benefit from one flexible voice package from one trusted partner. One simple solution for seamless business communications. 

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and BT Wholesale Partner, we can deploy, manage, and support your Teams Connect solution and your Microsoft services, and ensure that they work in harmony. Offering a range of cloud voice solutions within our Voice One portfolio, we’re here as your single partner to take care of and integrate your communications and IT environment. Unify your workspaces without adding pressure to your internal IT teams with Voice One Teams Connect from 848. 

Enjoy a flexible and cost-effective way to add calling to Teams, and provide users with the benefits of single-number simplicity. Voice One Teams Connect provides more seamless communication experiences for every user, while making procurement and management a breeze for your internal IT staff. Choose from our affordable monthly pricing options and additional features, and we’ll sort the rest. Our team of experts will create a mix and match package with other Voice One solutions to meet your unique needs. 

All Business Communication in One Place.

The rise of hybrid working means businesses need effective ways to keep their teams on the same page. Microsoft Teams has been the core solution for organisations across the globe keeping colleagues connected through video calls, chat functionality and file sharing. As a unified communication and collaboration platform, Teams gives you everything you need in one place – with one key exception. It doesn’t include calling by default. 

Without additional services, Microsoft Teams doesn’t offer a way to make and receive regular phone calls. Voice One Teams Connect solves that problem. Access Hosted PBX or Hosted SIP Trunking directly from within Teams, for high-quality digital phone calls on every device. Voice One Teams Connect makes everything easier by keeping all communications in one place. Calls are made and received from Teams, and users can have the same number anywhere, on any device. 

We’re here as your single partner to deliver your integrated cloud calling solution directly within Microsoft Teams. Get one simple solution to turn your Teams environments into fully-functional unified communications platforms. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and BT Wholesale Partner, we can build, deploy and manage your Voice One Teams Connect solution, as well as your Microsoft licenses and ecosystem. Get more value for your money with one partner to handle it all. 

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The Benefits of Voice One Teams Connect for Your Business.

Enjoy a flexible, future-proof and cost-effective solution calling in Microsoft Teams.

One partner and one package to integrate your communications and collaboration. environment.

Affordable pay-as-you-go or monthly pricing options that work with your budget.

Give users the power of single number simplicity with one same phone number on any device.

Improve user experiences and simplify IT management by keeping all communications in one place.

Quickly add enterprise-class voice calling capabilities within your existing Teams environment.

Easy to set up and get started meaning no disruption to your daily operations or users.

Add on a managed service package for enhanced support for your environment, remove the burden from your IT team.

Voice One Teams Connect Vs Other Calling Solutions.

There are a couple of other keyways of adding phone calls to Microsoft Teams. One of them is Microsoft’s own Calling Plans. Although Microsoft Calling Plans are the default, they have some limitations in their features, geographic coverage, and they’re much more expensive. The other option is Direct Routing, which is a more cost-effective choice than Microsoft Calling Plans, but not as easy to set up. It’s also best suited to larger customers with the need for a complex voice environment.   

Voice One Teams Connect is easy to set up and use like Microsoft Calling Plans but cost-effective like Direct Routing. It’s perfect for small and medium businesses, which need a straightforward, affordable way to add calls to Teams. 

With Voice One Teams Connect, users can keep their existing phone numbers, and your business can keep its existing PBX, devices, and integrations. It’s flexible and affordable, and we will tailor a package that’s right for you. We can also manage and deliver your Microsoft 365 and Teams licenses, ensuring a completely integrated and optimised environment. Access all your communications from one location with one partner to handle it all.  

Learn More about Voice One Teams Connect from 848.

At the 848 Group, we plan, build and run integrated, optimised and secure modern workplace solutions that help businesses stay agile. Our Voice One Teams Connect solution empowers your business to simplify communications and get more out of Teams. It enables you to bring all communication experiences into one platform, adding simplicity into the everyday for end users and IT teams alike.

We also have a range of flexible cloud connectivity and communications offerings designed to work in harmony with your existing IT environments. Please get in touch to learn more about Voice One Teams Connect and our other cloud-based voice solutions by completing the form below. 


Your Dedicated Microsoft Solutions Partner.

848 is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Azure Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation, Business Applications and Security, with 6 Microsoft Specializations. This demonstrates our leading knowledge and expertise in the design, build and implementation of solutions underpinned by Microsoft technologies.