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Unified Comms and Connectivity

Connect people across locations and enable seamless anywhere working with unified comms and connectivity solutions

Unified comms is at the heart of the modern workplace. As many businesses continue to embrace remote and hybrid working, communication and connectivity has never been so important. The workforce is more geographically diverse than ever before, with employees across a range of job roles and sectors no longer bound by a single location. People want to work from anywhere, and they need digital connectivity to achieve this.

Effective unified comms and connectivity solutions allow your teams to stay collaborative and productive in the modern working landscape. Our specialist communications and connectivity experts can create an integrated and optimised unified comms solution for your business. Bringing together leading solutions and services from Microsoft, BT Wholesale, Cisco and more, we help you unify and connect your organisation. Enable seamless communication and quality collaboration experiences across devices. Anytime. Any place.

One provider for all your IT and communications needs. One unified environment to improve every user experience.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications – often simply referred to as unified comms – is not a single product or service, but a connected collection of elements that enable effective business communication. Gartner defines unified comms as the devices, software and services that provide and unify communications types and channels, such as voice, video, chat and instant messaging, voicemail, and content sharing. This often also includes the control, management, and underpinning connectivity.

Unified Comms and Collaboration

As the way employees and businesses work has evolved, and the world has become increasingly digital, the gap between unified comms and collaboration has almost closed. Unified comms and collaboration technologies were historically fairly distinct. Now, collaboration tools and communications solutions have been brought together to improve and unify the modern workplace.

At 848, we take the approach that unified comms, connectivity and collaboration are most effective when they work in harmony. Delivering truly integrated solutions for communication and collaboration enables us to provide organisations with greater value and more cost-effective, easy-to-manage solutions. It also provides end-users with seamless communication experiences across devices and locations. Unify your hybrid workplace with our integrated approach to unified comms, connectivity and collaboration.

Unified Comms and Connectivity Solutions

Voice and calling

A mobile workforce needs quality and consistent calling experiences across devices. We provide cloud voice and calling solutions that enhance internal and external communications. With the new Operator Connect Mobile solution, we can also unify employee communication experiences with single number simplicity and an integrated mailbox across devices.

848 is a BT Wholesale Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner bringing together cloud voice and telephony solutions. We hold the Calling for Microsoft Teams Advanced Specialization, validating our extensive expertise and experience in deploying Microsoft 365 phone system, calling, direct routing configuration, network planning, and voice workloads.

We can also manage and support all your business mobile requirements on your behalf. This includes billing and data usage, networks, contracts and international roaming.

Video and audio conferencing

When employees are geographically dispersed, it’s important to make teams feel connected – despite the distance. The key to a productive and successful hybrid workplace is providing the ability to communicate effectively via video and audio. Conduct meetings, make decisions, and communicate effectively with cloud-first solutions for video and audio conferencing.

An effective unified comms solution will empower your workforce with the ability to participate in high quality video and audio communications across devices. Our seamless solutions enable you to move between devices without leaving the meeting or experiencing a dropped connection.

Enable seamless collaboration and quality conferencing with the digital tools, devices and accessories your employees need to professional video and audio conferencing.

Collaboration platforms

The shift to digital workspaces has seen collaboration tools and unified comms increasingly interlinked. We deliver unified communications and collaboration tools as one integrated solution. Effective collaboration solutions enable real-time teamwork, allowing multiple users to work on documents, share and edit as effectively as they would if they were in the same office.

Microsoft Teams is a leading cloud collaboration platform enabling secure communication and connectivity across devices and locations.

It seamlessly integrates communication channels including email, instant messaging, video, calling, and conferencing, and is easily extended to become a fully functioning unified comms solution. Teams features tools for contact centre management and allows businesses to integrate their chosen telephony system for true unified comms functionality.

Chat and instant messaging

Instant messaging is an increasingly popular business communication tool much as it is popular in our personal lives. People want answers fast, and often, chat is the quickest way for a rapid response. For many businesses, a secure instant chat capability is at the heart of an efficient modern workplace. Therefore, it’s important that it works in harmony with your other communication channels.

Our range of unified comms solutions help connect all communication and collaboration experiences. Implement an intuitive platform that integrates instant messaging with email, calendar, calling, video and more.

Easily switch between communication types without losing track and hindering productivity. We enable seamless communication experiences, empowering users to easily turn secure chats in to quality calls or emails in an instant. Our unified comms solutions are backed by the trusted security and reliability of the cloud.

Connectivity and cloud

Any modern business relies on rapid, reliable, and consistent internet access. However, so many businesses are working with slow or inefficient networks and connectivity. At the 848 Group, we have experts who can advise you on the right broadband and connectivity solution for your business needs. 

We can enable you to run your voice and data communications on the same connection, with no compromise on quality or user experience. We help you unlock the value of the cloud to enhance voice services, collaboration, security, productivity, and connectivity.

Devices, handsets and accessories

High quality and modern unified comms solutions need devices that support digital communications and connectivity.

Although the 848 Group is focused on cloud-first solutions and services, we can also enable you to adopt the physical devices, handsets and accessories you need for effective business communications.

Whether you need headsets for quality sound on calls, or dedicated handsets for your voice communications, we can help. 

BT Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

BT Operator Connect transforms Teams into a comprehensive unified comms solution backed by the cloud. Enable seamless and secure calling and audio conferencing directly through Microsoft Teams with BT Operator Connect. Enjoy cost-effective and simple monthly per user call packages, speedy set up and global network quality. It’s an easy and affordable way to securely connect your hybrid workforce.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and BT Wholesale Partner, the 848 Group has specialist connectivity and communications expertise to help you access affordable, secure voice and video conferencing solutions through Teams. We have the knowledge and skills to deliver and support high quality unified communications and voice solutions that complement the Microsoft modern workplace.

Bringing Together the Best of Unified Comms and IT for Truly Seamless Experiences

Dealing with multiple providers for your networks, voice solutions, lines and IT services can be expensive and complex. We can be your single partner for all your network, voice and IT needs. Our team of cloud collaboration and unified comms specialists can plan, build and run a truly integrated and optimised environment for all your connectivity and collaboration needs.

The New Unified Comms Solution Coming Soon:
Microsoft Operator Connect Mobile

Microsoft Operator Connect Mobile is the new and intuitive mobile-first Microsoft Teams experience that unifies remote, hybrid and office-based workforces. It empowers business users to access the capabilities of Teams on any Teams endpoint or native dialler. Operator Connect Mobile leverages Azure for Operators to establish deep connectivity between mobile networks, 5G technologies and the Microsoft 365 cloud.

Users benefit from the use of a single business-provided number for all devices, so they can work flexibly and securely from any location, device, or network. This provides simplified voice and unified communications experience through a single app. Enables seamless communication across mobile, laptop, desk phone, room systems and more without losing the call, connectivity or context.

We're a leading Microsoft Gold Partner.

We're proud to have been awarded 17 Gold Competencies and 5 Advanced Specializations from Microsoft. This demonstrates our leading knowledge and expertise in the design, build and implementation of solutions underpinned by Microsoft technologies.

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