What could a Virtual Desktop mean for you?






Welcome To Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s answer to virtualising the Windows and Office user experience within the cloud, powered by Azure. This means your desktop environment, in terms of wallpaper, icons, and apps, are remotely stored in a ISO27001 data centre.

A fun fact for you; Microsoft’s virtual desktop is the only virtual desktop that optimises Office 365 ProPlus. Due to the fact it exists within the cloud, you can rest assured your environment is always scalable, up-to-date and secure.

Why would you use a virtual desktop?


Well, it can give your employees access to your everyday applications and experiences within a virtual Windows environment for a start. Not only does this empower virtual desktop users to work remotely without storing company data and assets on personal devices, but it also enhances BYOD and mobile access policies for those users who prefer to utilise iOS and Android devices.

The virtual desktop also empowers organisations to segment specialised workloads to be created for employees that span across different branches.

Can a Virtual Desktop improve employee efficiency?


In the short, absolutely! The virtual environment empowers employees to remotely access their accounts and all information contained within it, regardless of the device in use. This greatly boasts flexibility and user effectiveness, ultimately improving the working culture as never seen before. Many employees will no longer be tied to a physical location, they can be in the best place, at the best time, executing their work activities accordingly.

What value can a Virtual Desktop add to your organisation?


From an operative and IT perspective, virtual desktops SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the costs associated with infrastructure, desktop management and support. In terms of reducing IT costs, users can be provisioned with an account without the requirement of purchase, installation and upkeep for the new system. Another major advantage to virtual machines is the whitespace resource utilisation. Most organisations manage devices on a single-user environment, as well as being a capital expense, the organisation is also responsible for the overhead that goes unused when the device is not in use. Electing a multi-user virtual environment reduces the wasted cost of whitespace.

Interested in Virtual Desktops for your organisation?


It’s obvious that there are a lot of compelling advantages for electing to operate in a virtual environment. Not only is user effeciency maximised, overheads are reduced and security is maximised.


We are currently designing a package around virtual desktops, if you would like more information, or to register your interest for Virtual Desktops for your workplace, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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