Microsoft Send was released way back in July, but has only recently become available to UK users. It can be best described as a professional IM service-the sharp, suit-wearing cousin of Facebook messenger. IM has, for a long time, been considered too silly and simple for serious workplace conversations. IM software of old has done nothing to conquer this image either- we can’t say sending your boss a barrage of emoticons and nudges on MSN messenger (circa 2008) would ever have recommended your argument to him. The benefits of Microsoft Send conquer these issues with expert precision.

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It’s to the point

One of the benefits of Microsoft Send is just how instant this instant messenger is. It’s designed for the quick, easy, snappy messages you need to send to co-workers- ‘are you in the office today?’, for instance. Why bother with the subject line, introduction and signature that comes with an email when you can just fire off a sentence at will?

It’s integrative

Sure, you might want to send a text or use an alternative IM service. But you might not have your colleague’s number, or feel comfortable talking about your business over personal social media accounts. Another benefit of Microsoft send is the fact it’s an extension of your Outlook account- these bite-size emails are subject to the same email policies, and accessible afterwards in the same way a regular email would be.

It’s secure

Because it’s simply an extension of your Microsoft Office 365 account (you use the same login you would do to access Outlook or Yammer), you know any data you share is secure, encrypted, and visible only between you and your colleagues. The benefits of Microsoft Send would all be negated if not for this assurance.

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There’s a serious gap in the market for something like Microsoft Send, and here at The 848 Group we’re hardcore fans. The app is currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.