At the heart of every successful business is communication, be it; internal, external, promotional, etc. Today, organisations aren’t limited to a single space, but are multi-national, or at least serve customers, clients and other businesses who are. Head offices may house several departments, but production units or even whole teams, can be thousands of miles away. The need for all these operations to be in sync, is often vital to business continuity. Having an adequate method of communication is paramount to delivering this.


Over the years we have seen the rise and evolution of fax, pager, email, mobile, instant messaging, social media and in-house portals. Originally these methods of communication were separate entities and prompted incoherence in professional use. With little, or no ability to collaborate, and track activities or exchanges. Communication still presented barriers for organisations: There was still a need for unity and alignment.

Then came the introduction of Unified Communications Solutions aimed at Enterprises and Organisations. Suddenly businesses had the opportunity to align the company voice and empower employees with innovation in communication.

Whether you choose Hangouts with G Suite, Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Nowadays, communication, collaboration and content sharing are conducted within one place: The software’s secure workspace.

Our client came to us after experiencing barriers with their on-premise PBX system. PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, offers businesses a private telephone network that can be used both internally, and externally using different communication channels like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), or Analog. PBX systems can exist on-premise, or as a Hosted PBX system. Whilst they had adequate communications in Skype for Business, the on-premise system meant challenges in scalability to new users, and complexity in the systems management.

Our team was able to move their existing on-premise PBX system, to Skype Online. There are a host of benefits in moving systems to the cloud. Businesses have access to latest feature sets installed by the provider. In-house management of the systems is efficient and effective, users can be added or removed at scale with ease. Our client can now continue using Skype for Business as they did initially, yet now with the added benefits of an online hosted system.

Technical Project Manager, Ben Taylor, talks Skype Online migration for a large Regulatory body.

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