As Industry Leaders, 848 have a duty to provide secure Business Changing IT. This is a founding principle of our ethics and ensures integrity and authenticity in our operations. With that in mind, it is of great importance that our internal IT infrastructure reflects our product offerings.

Microsoft 365

Our main internal operative environment is Microsoft 365. The intelligence in the software empowers our team to collaborate securely, in real-time over the Cloud. All applications automatically update to the most recent version, providing a consistently current workspace. All of our team members have access to technology that facilitate remote working, this is vital for the nature of our business. As a team we can communicate and co-author documents over Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, no matter the device or location. Not only does this technology empower our team to be productive, it also unifies our company voice, ideas and activities.

Azure Information Protection

Data Protection is at the forefront of most organisations concerns. At 848 we utilise Microsoft Azure Information Protection to classify and protect emails and documents by adding labels. Here we can attribute rules and conditions that detects sensitive data and automatically classifies it. The technology allows administrators to adopt and enforce encryption, authorisation and identification policies. Azure Information Protection also offers analysis of data flows that give insight into business activities and flag risk detection, data leakage prevention, and misuse. The depth of this data grants administrators the time to take corrective measures to ensure compliance with company policies and legislations.


In the current climate the threat of a security breach is a growing worry for us all. The need for intelligence in security is becoming increasingly prominent. Windows 10 encompasses a state-of-the-art protection in Windows Defender Antivirus. The software delivers ongoing, comprehensive real-time protection against threats such as spyware, malware and viruses. To protect our cloud presence, we utilise Microsoft Cloud App Security. The solution gives us visibility into our cloud services and apps, also providing detailed analytics. This data is greatly important in understanding how our data travels, as well as granting transparency in application management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Due to the overwhelming talent of our team, we are considered experts in many fields. We are becoming increasingly recognised for our specialisms in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (spanning Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation modules). When we first deployed Dynamics in-house, it was of great importance that the solution worked in the way we required it to. The power of Dynamics 365 as a CRM is exceptional. However, when you apply bespoke workflows, Dynamics capabilities become practically astounding.

An example of how we have made Dynamics work for us, is automated notifications within the sales process. Due to our internal hierarchy and the fact that so many of our team work remotely, it was a necessity that senior co-workers be made aware when a client takes a step along the pipeline. We utilised Azure Logic Apps to integrate a behind-the-scenes automated business process made up of a sequence of rules/steps to achieve this goal. Our experience in this field has led to our recent achievement of a Gold Microsoft Competency in Application Integration.

Technical Director, Dave Burn, talks 848 Internal Infrastructure

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020, there’s no better time to move to Microsoft 365. Find out more.