Richard Jordan

Richard Jordan 03449848848 Service Desk Manager

I provide Service desk management for 848, my main aim is to ensure that the service desk members are providing the best support that they possibly can.  Where needed I will advise and assist the team, or the customer and provide a clear and consistent point of escalation.

I believe that customers find me helpful because:

  • I am able to stay calm and focused, regardless of the situation.
  • I am able to explain situations to all customers, at all levels.
  • I have 12 years experience in various support roles, and this gives me a range of knowledge.
  • I am happy to be at 848, I returned to 848 after two years in another role, as I saw the potential for growth, both for me and for the company.

Contact Information

848 Group,7 Marconi Gate, Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,Staffordshire,ST18 0FZ