Marie Kevan

Marie Kevan 03449848848 Head of Business Engagement

I am Head of Business Engagement and responsible for the acquisition and growth of my own base within 848.

My key objective is to drive productivity into businesses and my skill-set enables me to ask the correct questions to scope current and future needs and requirements thus ensuring delivery of comprehensive and future-proofed solutions.

Utilising my years of experience solution building with Microsoft services, Connectivity, Security and telephony solutions, my skill-set enables me to plan and offer an all-round solution to ensure that what fits now, will cope with business growth and future requirements.

Focusing on new business acquisition and managing our customers through from the start of a project to its delivery and staying as point of contact after, ensures a consistent approach and continuity of contact and management giving our customers the best experience possible within 848.

Contact Information

Unit 7 Marconi Gate, Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,Staffordshire,UK,ST18 0FZ

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