Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper 03449848848 Marketing Manager

My role is to celebrate the individuals, teams and client success stories. To achieve this, I utilise my creative background, developing marketing materials, websites, brand assets and sales documentation. I am constantly looking to gain further skills in order to develop high-quality content that tells the 848 story.

My role brings together all the areas of the business, collating information from the entire client journey to inform the development of materials. By listening to the challenges faced by clients and colleagues, I can build marketing campaigns that turn challenges into opportunities, creating informative content for inbound marketing activities.

The aspiration of my role is to produce marketing assets that tell people about 848, allowing the public to get to know us and see our expertise. To position 848 as an industry influencer, using content and personality marketing to showcase the wealth of experience, skills and attitudes within the staff team.

With the 848 group businesses receive an inclusive, user-focused digital transformation to a modern workplace, genuinely Business Changing IT.

Contact Information

848 Group,7 Marconi Gate, Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,Staffordshire,ST18 0FZ