William Nelson

William Nelson 03449 848 848 Account Director

My role within, and responsibility to, 848 is primarily to bring new customers to 848 and, along with existing accounts, to develop the relationship and help, with the team, establish 848 as their trusted partner for all areas IT.

Additional roles, which I see as part and parcel of how the sum of a team can be greater than the individual parts are when and where possible, to help my sales colleagues with the positioning of suitable products, services and solutions so they can provide the most appropriate, recommended solutions to our customers.

The role demands constant learning about the latest and next technology releases and in ensuring I can provide advice and guidance to customers about not just their next potential IT project, but how new services or software could affect their business decisions and enhance their operations during the next lifecycle.

Building and earning customers’ trust is paramount to being truly successful.

I have developed the ability to really listen to and understand a customer’s needs – this includes determining and realising specific challenges faced by users, the IT department and the business.

With this information, I can provide a technical solution which, if implemented, will fulfil their objectives and resolve their challenges, efficiently, and effectively whilst delivering a true return on investment.

I spend my time, in consultation with colleagues, ensuring the recommendations and proposals I put forward are focused solely on fulfilling the needs of the customer and helping them to achieve their objectives.

To summarise, by combining a customer's business needs with leading technical solutions, The 848 Group stand apart by delivering: Business changing IT.

Contact Information

848 Group, 7 Marconi Gate,Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,ST18 0FZ