Vishal Rai

Vishal Rai 03449 848 848 Functional Consultant

As a functional consultant I can assist organisations in the design and implementation of CRM for Customer Engagement, including; Sales, Marketing, Project Management, and Customer Service. I can also assist in the design and implementation of ClickDimensions, helping users achieve more with their marketing. This process follows the 848 methodology; Plan, Build, Run. Beginning with capturing requirements and completing business analysis.

The extensive experience I have with these solutions enables me to provide custom training for new users, ensuring organisations receive the highest quality of solution provision achievable.

My vast experience in consulting for SMBs and Enterprises guarantees longevity in the relationships I will be forming with new clients, delivering Business Changing IT.

Contact Information

848 Group, 7 Marconi Gate,Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,ST18 0FZ