Steve Rumble

Steve Rumble 03449 848 848 Problem Manager

As the Problem Manager for 848, improving efficiency, reducing the likelihood of an incident happening in its first instance, and analysing problematic trends are my main objectives. I have a solid background in prioritising and streamlining IT procedures, which now extends to providing a reliable and trustworthy service to 848’s clients.

I have 8 years’ experience in different IT-related roles, which cover running an Event IT team for one of the largest exhibition venues in the UK and managing the IT department for a Safari Park. It has given me exposure to a lot of different ways of working, technologies, people, and situations.

I decided to move to 848 as its professional and modern approach to business is impressive and I can see lots of potential growth, which is inspiring.

Contact Information

848 Group, 7 Marconi Gate,Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,ST18 0FZ