James Fereday

James Fereday 01785 847693 Service Lead

My main objective in the role is to provide a level of service 848 can be proud of and our customers love. I’m an engineer at heart, although I have a love of teaching and passing on my knowledge to help improve the team around me and increasing knowledge across the team is a big focus of mine.

I bring with me a wealth of experience having worked with various MSP’s over the last ten years covering Linux, Security, Networking, connectivity and UC technologies. Having worked with customers of all shapes and sizes across the country and around the world.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the in’s and out’s of our customers to better understand their businesses, and what 848 and I can do to better your business.

Contact Information

Unit 7, Marconi Gate, Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,Staffordshire,ST18 0FZ