Dylan Lawton

Dylan Lawton 01785 848707 Solution Architect

I work either directly with customers or the pre-sales team my objective is to design a solution that’s progressive but achievable.

I.T. has a tendency to become complicated with areas of duplication, this can result in costly and cumbersome solutions. The modern workplace demands a lightweight and dynamic solution, this is now a realistic proposition. I have a strong engineering background which has progressed to a role with design capacity, quality engineering still provides the basis for any successful project, a development lab and access to the necessary tools is invaluable in building a sound design.

Whilst I hold engineering in high regard the importance of a well thought through design with a comprehensive testing plan cannot be underestimated, articulating requirements and clearly defining objectives results in less ambiguity as projects progress.

Contact Information

848 Group, 7 Marconi Gate,Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,ST18 0FZ