Brad Grant

Brad Grant 01785 847695 Programme Innovation Consultant

I initially joined The 848 Group as a 3rd line support engineer assisting with high priority and escalations.  After 5 months I was promoted to a Programme Innovation Consultant where I work closely with the sales and consultancy division to propose and deliver Business Changing IT in the Microsoft cloud and product stack. These are technical solutions that aim to improve communication, drive productivity and provide agile business applications.

I have a strong background in all Microsoft technologies and specialise in Unified Communications. Having transitioned from Support to Consultancy, it serves me well to assist with the transitions and handovers of a project and provide technical documentation for the solutions 848 have provided. This is advantageous especially when a project is successfully delivered, and the solution is then supported as I still work closely with the Managed Services team to maintain and run their environments.

It’s great to be part of the life cycle of a customer’s journey with 848, planning with the Sales team, building with the Consultancy division and running with the solutions in Managed Services. Plan, build, run!

Contact Information

848 Group, 7 Marconi Gate,Staffordshire Technology Park,Stafford,ST18 0FZ