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What was the project?


With the exceptional growth Somo has achieved since inception in 2010, they found themselves in the situation typical of many rapidly expanding organisations; a number of undocumented and disparate systems had evolved. These systems required an increasing amount of time to manage and administer day to day.

Their existing IT support service was reactive in delivery and lacked the level of forethought and advice on ever-advancing technologies that could offer real benefit and value. Confidence in the providers ability to offer Somo a service aligned to their own high standards of delivering cutting-edge solutions diminished and was potentially impacting on the effectiveness of their internal business operations.





848 assessed and reviewed Somo’s IT support service and identified two key areas were improvements could be made. Firstly, 848 provide a managed IT service desk, fully accessible for all staff which introduced greater self-service issue resolution and eliminating the reliance on a few key Somo individuals. This was supported by twice-weekly engineer site visits which enabled ‘non-urgent’ tasks to be to be resolved and systems improvements to be made.


848 also identified Somo were vastly over-subscribing to software products and licences; we were able streamline and align the products they really needed to successfully operate their business.


They key benefits to Somo were immediate visibility of service desk tickets which hadn’t previously been available, this meant that they were able to have greater confidence in issue resolution and enable the Somo team to focus on delivering to their own clients.

Regular account management meetings and service reviews built a strong relationship and ensured lines of communication remained open, ensuring needs could be anticipated, planned for and delivered effectively. The streamlining of Somo’s IT products also reduced their monthly software licensing costs by two thirds.



“848 quickly assessed our needs and issues, presenting us with a solution which offered our teams greater self-service options, flexibility and built confidence in IT systems to support our ability to offer innovative solutions and a better customer experience to our clients.”

Darren Kangurs. SVP Delivery.


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