A Solutions Architect can guide organisations in realising Digital Transformation. Their aim is to provide a solution to overcome specific business problems. Usually companies that come to us, have an idea of what they would like to overcome. Be it, outdated systems, inferior operating environments, or restrictions in mobility etc.

848 solution architects act as consultant, facilitator, and in-house expert. Often partnering with business development, product management and technology development teams, in order to realise client needs. The process of implementing a solution is often quite complex. It involves the design, engineering and management of the solution to overcome the issue.

There are a wealth of benefits in making the move to the Modern Workplace. A Cloud environment can enhance productivity, offer flexible management, and increased security. Another major benefit is, cost reductions. When you shift to cloud computing, you only pay for the services procured. Because the gains in using Cloud technology are so vast, most modern productivity solutions e.g. G Suite, and Office 365, exist in the Cloud. This in turn offers greater benefits to organisations, their employees, and their customers. Often increasing collaborative efforts, efficiency in communication, and overall productivity. Custom workflows can also be configured so that applications can integrate and communicate effectively.

Dan is 848’s Windows Infrastructure, and hybrid Cloud solutions expert. Watch him talk about a recent Modern Workplace project in the video below.

If you’d like more information about moving to the Modern Workplace, then we’d love to hear from you!