Got more staff accounts than computers? No Problem!

Over the coming months you can enable ‘Shared Computer Activation’ in Microsoft Office 365 Business. This will allow your users to login with their individual accounts and edit shared files on the same computer. So, when the warehouse team need to edit order records, they can do so without the computer counting against their device limit.

This also works where multiple users are connecting simultaneously to the same remote computer, allowing users to run Office programs at the same time on the remote computer. For example, when remote workers need to edit highly sensitive documents, they can connect to a virtual machine in Azure with Office installed.

The Shared Computer Activation for Office in Microsoft 365 Business is being rolled out over the coming months from the end of April. This is a great move forward for collaboration and makes remote working and shared workstations much more flexible.

If you are not on Office 365 yet and want to find out more about how to migrate across, then check out our Migration page or ping us a message.


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