So how do you send an email to a Teams Channel? 

Do you ever wonder how many times you have used the ‘copy and paste’ feature? 

Have you ever received an email from a client or supplier containing important info about a project or an order, and then had to transfer that information to everyone in a department? Or that’s a member of the associated project Teams Channel? Sound familiar?  

Microsoft Teams utilizes multiple services and integrations within Office 365, for example, SharePoint, OneDrive and Planner. Which is great for both use cases of Teams; those that use it internally only, and those who use it both internally and externally with Guests/Clients/Partners. The interoperability between accessing platforms from a central environment streamlines communication and enhances productivity.  

Often, because the capabilities of Teams are so vast, many of the features available are yet to be adopted by users. After learning this handy Teams tip, you’ll be able to forward an email to a Teams Channel. Long gone will be the days of having to manage the plethora of disassociated responses and filesharing that happens within email exchanges.  

So, before we dive into HOW you send an email to a Teams Channel, the feature must be enabled by your IT Admin. 

Here’s how you enable the feature: 

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams Admin Center
  2. Navigate to ‘Org-Wide Settings’ in the vertical menu.
  3. Scroll to ‘Email Integrations’
  4. Select ‘Allow users to send emails to a channel email address’.

Et voila! 

Now that you’re enabled to forward emails to Teams, let me show you how easy it is to use!  

  1. To begin you need to identify the email address of the Channel you’d like to email. Navigate to the Channel in Teams, select the ellipsis and then ‘Get Email Address’.  
  1. Copy the email address presented. 
  1. Bring up your preferred Email client, select the email to forward, and paste the address into the ‘To’ field.  

 That’s all it takes to send one valuable message to an entire Channel at once.  

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But what about email attachments I hear you cry? 

In my opinion, this has to be the slickest part of this experience. Team intuitively handles email attachments by automatically uploading any attachments to the Email Messages  folder in the Channels Files tab. If you haven’t made an Email Messages folder, Teams will automatically do that for you too! 

 Now that your email is in Teams, your Channel users can discuss it, edit and collaborate on any files, and complete any other activities you can do in a conversation.  

Please note, this bears no impact on the initial email content stored in your mailbox. 

For a close-up view of how to send an email to a Teams Channel, watch my demo below!  

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