With cyber-crimes and data-theft at a high, the need for tough security and encryption measures is more prominent than ever before. We have already seen the devastation that can come from poor security processes. Remember in 2017 when Equifax suffered a data breach to 145 million financial records? Or just a year prior, when Friend Finder Networks was hacked, and 412 million records were compromised?


Just last year, the UK suffered its biggest data breach since the publication of GDPR. July 2018 saw Dixons Carphone admit that 10 million customers had been affected by their data breach. And let’s not begin to talk about Facebook….


“UK business faces a cyber threat which is growing in scale and complexity. Organisations which don’t take cybersecurity extremely seriously in the next year are risking serious financial and reputational consequences.” – Donald Toon, Director of Economic and Cybercrime, National Crime Agency.


With Cyber crime overtaking the illegal drug trade in value, protecting your data should be as important as creating it.

Our client came to us to have their IT estate examined for security and compliance purposes. We were able to boost their existing measures by Encrypting their data, endpoint devices, and emails and files. Our team was able to utilise Symantec Encryption Solutions to facilitate these requirements.

Encryption in the modern data-sense, generally refers to key-based cryptography. This is where information is encoded, and can only be decrypted, or accessed by a user with the related encryption key. If a person/entity accesses the data without permission, then they are met with ciphertext; scrambled or unreadable content.

Nowadays, data should be protected wherever it moves. Symantec Information Centric Encryption has the ability to integrate with other data protection technologies to automatically encrypt data anywhere it goes. In addition, user rights can also be managed including capabilities to set, monitor, and revoke. This solution provides a central control for all data that arrives and leaves your network. Sensitive data is automatically encrypted across multiple platforms, and decryption takes place based on user identity. This is supported by multifactor authentication.

Endpoint Encryption combines powerful full-disk and removable media encryption with central management to safeguard sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance. This was necessary for our client to ensure data encryption on removable devices as well as laptops. Now USB drives and external hard drives are protected also.

File sharing tends to be a massive part of how organisations operate. Having the ability to automatically or manually encrypt files and folders on any device, is an important aspect of compliance. Symantec File Share Encryption automatically encrypts files based on policy, and allows users to manually encrypt using a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Our client can now share content with confidence.

Finally, we configured email encryption. This provides an end-to-end email encryption that automatically encrypts, and decrypts email directly between clients. Email remains encrypted when email is outsourced to the cloud, and when stored on internal mail servers. The protection of email contents in storage, as well as transit, meets compliance regulations and offers our clients ease of mind, not only to them, but also their associates, customers and partners.

Threats of data breaches are a real concern. Hacking is a big business, and the regulations surrounding data exist to protect and defend all that share information with your organisation. Having weak processes, puts your company, clients, customers, and employees at risk. If you are in need of data protection methods or would like your existing measures assessed, then please get in touch.

Project Consultant, Tejinder Grewal, talks Data Encryption for a large Regulatory Authority.

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