All enterprises rely on underlying software and applications to ensure stability of everyday operations and productivity. Having visibility and accuracy in the condition of the IT estate is really important in order to manage risks properly. We have all experienced random infrastructure issues such as suddenly slow servers, or spontaneous database crashes. Receiving a notification of any issue is vital to action the appropriate response, hopefully before the problems escalate further. This is where having an intelligent monitoring system pays dividends in business continuity.

Microsoft offer intelligent enterprise management software. The System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) shows admins an overview of vital IT environments in a single interface. SCOM deploys, configures, monitors and manages the services, devices, applications and operations of many systems. You can gain insight into performance, security, health and status of connected applications.

As is the case with most Microsoft products, SCOM has great integration potential. Configure seamless connectivity with other Microsoft applications and servers. SCOM recognises each application in the form of a management pack. The management pack will contain embedded monitors and rules, and communicate those to SCOM. This ensures configured actions are executed, and the application is managed properly.

There are instances where pre-existing management packs won’t support or be available for the software required. This may be in the form of third-party, or in-house applications. It would be in this instance that custom-written management packs are required.

This is where we can help. The range of skills our consultants and engineers possess make us highly adaptable, and our Microsoft Credentials illustrate our proven expertise in deploying bespoke solutions that deliver Business Changing IT.

Project Consultant, Nick Evans, talks bespoke SCOM implementation

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