Many of our customers have their own inhouse IT teams. These teams provide managed support to different levels, such as only first line incident management, or for specific element of the infrastructure, such as their user devices but not their servers. In these cases, 848 steps in to provide managed support in the remaining areas, providing flexibility and removing the need for highly specialised skills that may not be fully utilised in house.

We also support our clients in bridging temporary skills gaps when their inhouse teams change. Recently, Nick Evans stepped over to embed into a clients IT Support team when a staff member left, allowing the company the time to run an effective recruitment campaign and source exactly the skills they needed without pressure from the gap in the team.

The range of skills our engineers and consultants have makes us highly adaptable. We have team members with qualifications in: GDPR, Firewalls, Network and Traffic Management, and a wealth of Microsoft credentials. (Find out more about our stance on Continuous Professional Developement)

These qualifications allow us to support a variety of end users running a wide range of systems and processes. Although we do have a pricing guide for fully managed IT support, we are more than happy to discuss the provision of specific capabilities so you can grow and adapt to your business needs without committing to the permanent growth of your own team. (Find out more about our Managed Services offerings.)

Project Consultant, Nick Evans, talks Professional Services

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