Joe Talbot has been a Project Consultant with the 848 Group since summer 2017. Joe’s main duties involve the implementation of projects. Including overseeing the design, maintenance and delivery of infrastructure, systems and solutions to numerous nation-wide clients.

Joe has experience with variety of technical infrastructure and systems, such as; Microsoft Office, Citrix, VMware, Active Directory, Exchange, and Blackberry. This vast exposure to ranging systems allow Joe to offer clients a transparent view as to what would be most suited to their existing infrastructure and operations.

Joe has had some fantastic achievements in his career so far, including creating a tool to automatically convert and reformat unsupported files. Recently, Joe passed a Microsoft exam. To pass you must demonstrate extensive knowledge in Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements.

Joe offers insight as to what he has been working on recently involving a SharePoint POC for a national regulatory authority!

“The customer requires an end to end document approval and publishing process within SharePoint Online, this solution utilises Microsoft Flow & SharePoint RestAPI, that starts off an approval process. Once the document has gone through the appropriate approval process, the document is marked as Published and added automatically to the Communication Hub site. Any further updates to the document set it back in to a draft stage, once the document changes are re-approved the updated will overwrite the file located on the Communication Hub site.

We are also working on a life cycle management plan for Microsoft teams for this client, the solution that has been built allows for uses to request a new Team via an Office 365 PowerApp, in turn this starts a Microsoft Flow that creates the new Team, assigns requested members and associates with the relevant SharePoint Hub automatically.”

Project Consultant, Joe Talbot, talks POC for SharePoint

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