I work for Microsoft within their CRM Online for SMB team and was given the opportunity to spend a week with one of our Gold partners. I went to the 848 group and spent my time learning about their business, spending time with the marketing, service desk and the sales teams. As a business they are a perfect example of how Dynamics CRM can be used within an SMB to improve business productivity, with everyone integrating CRM into their daily workflow.

The marketing staff use CRM alongside a Mail Chimp plugin to successfully build and deliver email campaigns targeted at specified contact lists created inside CRM. They are also looking at integrating Microsoft Social Engagement in the new year, a tool which monitors social media feeds to understand what people are talking about, and additionally is able to gauge the sentiment of posts. This is included in Dynamics and will provide solid support for their already growing online presence, thanks to a recent complete website rebuild.

The service desk uses the unified service desk tool to ticket and monitor cases, allowing them to efficiently deal with any requests for support they may receive. They use this in conjunction with a plug-in called PSA, which allows them to track their time against each individual case. The PSA plug-in can also be used when the team are working on projects to monitor where an individual’s time is being used.

The sales department use the integrated sales tools for lead generation and pipeline management. They are able to view all of this on the unified sales dashboard which gives them fantastic insight into their customers and allows them to delve down into the granular details, which will give them the edge when closing a deal.

By having CRM so deeply integrated into their business, alongside in-house experts, they are able to provide the customers with the expertise needed to successfully architect and deploy a full CRM solution. This is key for the 848 group as they take pride in knowing their customers and striving to deliver the best customer experience available.

I have really enjoyed my time at the 848 group and have taken so much away from the week about how they operate as a business, and also the passion every individual has for the work that they are doing.