August has withered away, and September stands confidently over its greyed ashes.

As I sit in the rocking chair of worry, looking out of a rain-battered window, creaking back and forth like a pendulum in a Grandfather clock, my mind can only focus on one thing…. How fast time is passing me by.

It’s actually getting silly now. The days and weeks get quicker and quicker and before I’ve even had time to bellow out the first few notes of Auld Lang Syne I’m covered in melted Crème Egg and picking Daffodils… As we march on towards the Winter and the year 2018 prepares to take its final bow, we can look September’s O365 updates.


You can now present your reports using brand new reporting charts. Access now offers clearer, more organised chart options which are easy to use and customise accordingly.


For those who are busy but still want to leave their door open for the important stuff, Teams now has priority access available within ‘Do Not Disturb’. You can select people who you want to be available for and they are still able to communicate with you in Teams.
A new Wiki app is also available. You can keep private notes/messages on your own Personal tab.
In addition to this, new communications solutions are available in September’s update. These include; Rich managing features, Host and record cloud-based meetings, Robust calling features

Power BI

Within Power BI, you are now able to convert documents and reports into .PDF files. This allows for easy saving and moving to other apps within the Cloud. This is currently a Power BI desktop-only feature. 

You can also take advantage of the “Ask a Question” feature, which enables you to ask a specific or built-in question related to your data. This provides you with an instant view of your data, reports and information, as well as the specific details found within.



Flow now offers integration with Excel. Simple as that, and a welcome addition!


You can now create either Team or Communicate sites in SharePoint, providing more clarity and a much more streamlined working process. Great for keeping things organized and admin controls ensure everything is secured and kept in its place.


When it comes to protecting your castle, you want the big dog keeping guard! Cloud App Security now measures against Regulatory Certifications and compliance to ensure everything is secure and up to date against the ever-adapting threat landscape. 15 new risk factors have been added to help compliance with GDPR. Cloud App security can be used as part of Enterprise Mobility + Security or as a separate, stand-alone feature. 

Another jam-packed list of application updates full of great features and benefits. One cannot argue with greasing the wheels of progress! 

So get your clammy hands off me Father Time! Park your little bike and take in the night air! You’re getting far too butter-fingered with that Doomsday Watch of yours and I’m certainly not exploring the land beyond before I’ve had a jolly old knees-up with the Office 365 September updates! 

Another impressive month of exciting features so October, stick the kettle on, steady your nerves and show me something beautiful!

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