With the recent WanaCrypt attack on the NHS, is now the time companies re-evaluate whether it’s really worth scrimping when it comes to operating systems and security. Especially those handling confidential or sensitive client information.

A few months back many who work in the capital will re-call the inconvenience of having the working day disrupted due to tube strikes. Those who were already on the cloud and had adopted many of the features of sharing documents via one drive in office 365 saw hardly any disruption to their own work but may have felt it from customers or suppliers.

We have seen the importance of keeping software up to date not just for the NHS but 150 countries have been impacted by the Ransomware. Will this highlight the need for investing in good IT systems and protection. In our ever rapidly changing tech world, new threats will develop but luckily our operating systems can adapt to protect us just as quick. For Microsoft users though, while buying a one off package may seem like a cost effective solution, is it actually? Apart from this WannaCrypt case software updates aren’t usually available for those using old versions. For subscription users these updates are automatic and included in the subscription price, which makes the price more than justifiable. As they are constantly working to improve and update the system for our benefit.

Some who are still choosing to operate on older systems may be doing so because they are comfortable with that system and are familiar with how it works. Change can be daunting especially if you aren’t confident with IT systems. However if you find the right IT partner they should help you through the process to make the transition as smooth as possible. One important aspect to note is to make sure you choose an IT partner/supplier who has actual accreditation’s such as Microsoft Partnership (Bronze, Silver or Gold) as these companies are regularly tested and checked on their capabilities by Microsoft themselves. You wouldn’t trust a gas engineer who isn’t Gas Safe to fit your cooker so why treat your IT service provider any differently. It’s all about your ability to trust they can deliver what you need and to a high standard.

You may also have read some scary articles on how this all discredits the safety of working from the cloud…… we’ll like to clear this up. Outdated operating systems which did not fully protect themselves are part of the cause. The WannaCry (WannaCrypt) virus attacked a vulnerability in these systems as it knew they weren’t protected. It’s almost like leaving your house, closing the door, pretending to lock it but the key doesn’t work. You feel fine about it until someone wanders in steals everything and then your insurance won’t pay out because there isn’t a sign of a break in. You know operating from an old system makes you vulnerable (if you didn’t before you do now) but still chose to save costs and leave it for now.


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