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Setting up Text Predictions in Outlook

Microsoft Tips

Do you often use the same phrases or sentences in your emails? Text predictions in Microsoft Outlook make composing emails with common phrases fast and easy. It’s simple to set up and save your frequent phrases in your settings. As you begin typing your next email, Outlook will make suggestions based on your saved text predictions. Personalise your experience in Outlook and compose emails faster and more accurately so you can be more productive.  

The text predictions tool isn’t limited to just Outlook. This tool can be used across a range of Microsoft 365 apps including Word, Excel, and OneNote. Get suggestions as you type – simply accept them with a tap of your enter key or ignore them by continuing to type.  

If you want to learn how to set up and use text predictions in Outlook, this quick video tutorial will show you how. It’s simple to activate whether you’re accessing Outlook via the web or the desktop app. Get more out of your email experience with text predictions. 

Microsoft Outlook is more than just email. It’s an intelligent email, calendaring and scheduling app to help you plan and optimise your day. Use automation capabilities to organise your inbox and focus on the tasks that matter most. Manage your day with shared calendars and scheduling assistants to keep you in sync with your teams. 

If you’re an Outlook user and want to learn how to get more out of your email workspace, we’ve put together a range of quick video tutorials on our YouTube channel. There you can also find short videos with tips for other apps including Microsoft Teams, as well as videos about general IT, security, and technology solutions. 

End-User Training Courses 

Do your employees hold the basic digital skills to they need to get the most out of Microsoft 365? We have a range of instructor-led end-user training courses to help people get more out of the productivity apps and tools you rely on every day.  

Choose from a range of introductory courses that help you learn the essentials, or level up your Microsoft skills with an advanced course. Course timelines are flexible, with bitesize classes to full-day sessions available. 

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