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How to use Microsoft Outlook Rules and Alerts

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What are Microsoft Outlook Rules and Alerts?

The rules and alerts features in Microsoft Outlook help you stay organised and connected during your busy workday. A Microsoft Outlook rule is a set of actions that Outlook automatically performs when an email meets predefined conditions. One example of a rule that you can set is for Outlook to automatically move any emails with your name in the subject to another folder.

You can define the conditions for these rules using Outlook’s ‘Manage Rules and Alerts’ Tool. In addition to this, you can also use Outlook’s ‘Rules Wizard’, which is a step-by-step guide that takes you through the entire process of creating your very first rule.

The Outlook Rules Wizard comes with a variety of commonly used rules already set up. But if you want to create your own set of rules and alerts, you can either customise each rule in the Rules Wizard or you can create a blank rule from scratch.

We understand that trying to create your first rule by just following a written guide can be harder than just watching someone else do it. So, we’ve put together a simple video.

Watch this quick tutorial showing you how to create and use Microsoft Outlook rules and alerts.

Microsoft Outlook is a secure and feature-rich email and calendar platform. It comes with many smart features designed to keep you organised and connected such as Contact Groups, the Quick Access Toolbar, rules and alerts, and more. Outlook can seamlessly integrate with most of the other Microsoft 365 applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Outlook is very useful and easy to use. However, if you aren’t an adept Outlook user getting the most out of it can be challenging. Fortunately for you, Outlook is a widely used platform, so there are plenty of free resources on the internet that can help you if you ever get stuck.

So, if you ever find yourself struggling to do anything in Outlook or any other Microsoft 365 app, then check out our YouTube channel. We have a lot of video tutorials showing you how to use Outlook as well as other Microsoft 365 apps, like Excel.

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