Microsoft Social Engagement is a very simple tool at heart, and will save you money. If you manage social media for your company and don’t know what this software is, you’re missing out, so read on:

It captures posts on social media, pure and simple, helps you to understand if the post is of a positive, neutral or negative sentiment- still simple!

To define what you want to capture is still easy. Specify the words your audience are talking about, then define words that must exist within the keywords. and those that must not.



Why so complex?

What Microsoft Social Engagement provides is a simple way to monitor the web for people talking about your business, as well as for anyone talking about your products, industry, or even your competitors.

How? It provides a way to combine sets of keywords, inclusions and exclusions on multiple levels – allowing you to finely tune the results that show, so that you only see relevant conversations happening around the web.

You do not need to be a statistical genius to figure out that the options can become complex quickly. The real art is defining what you want to listen for. This will change based on the goal of your search topic but you could consider a few of the below;


What is already being said?

Why re-invent the wheel? Take a look at social feeds such as Twitter and Facebook. Look at what is already being talked about and choose to listen in. Microsoft social engagement then lets you tweak the search so it relates more to your context and you will start to get some relevant insights.


What question do you want answered?

If you want to research a new product, then what do you want to know? Simply looking for “My great product idea” is likely to generate very little info or worse, millions of conversations.

With microsoft social engagement, you can target your question to refine your idea and enhance your product. Pick product attributes or characteristics you are particularly interested in.


Who are you tracking and why?

Want a general buzz around a company or person? Think about using their full company name. However, remember variations; not everyone will type in “Stafford City Council”, some may just type “Stafford Council” or “council in Stafford”.

Interested in a particular attribute? Then research it. Maybe the company already uses keywords to segment the topic you are interested in. Look at posts already written on that topic.

This is just a few ideas of where to start. But to really put the microsoft social engagement platform to good use, 848 would suggest you tie this in with some expert inbound marketing advice;

Marketers that use the internet to achieve brand awareness have the skills you need to define search topics. Traditional skills employed to generate social posts can be transformed to assist companies in targeting social listening engines to track these topics.