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Just announced: Microsoft are extending support for this product until October, 2020.

The term, ‘end of support’, means that no more security patches, technical support or software updates are going to be released by the system provider. This applies to both, desktop and server operating systems.

“After that, technical assistance and software updates from Windows Update that help protect your PC will no longer be available for the product. Microsoft strongly recommends that you move to Windows 10 sometime before January 2020 to avoid a situation where you need service or support that is no longer available.” – Microsoft.   

Organisations still using End of Support (EOS) solutions need to now make preparations to upgrade, register for extended support, or find replacements. We are here to help, contact us on 03449 848 848 or email: more@848.co


Your upgrade and Migration options:

Exchange 2010:


Although Microsoft has a strong cloud-only strategy, it’s understood that companies can prefer, or even need to, stay on-premises. This could be due to security regulations that obligate business data to be stored locally.

The newest and youngest on-premises solution available is Exchange 2019, this is a great solution to opt for when considering the included maintenance and support.

The other option available is the cloud-native Office 365. This solution provides you with outstanding security and compliance measures, great flexibility and cost management with subscription plans and no risk of data loss. All on a productivity suite which is familiar to users.

Whether you’re interested in Office 365 or Exchange 2019, we can help you transition and migrate your data to your new solution.

Windows 7:

Recommended Replacement: Windows 10 or Apple iOS


Windows 10

We understand that there’s a lot to consider when upgrading your business IT systems. Our team of IT specialists can help you understand the capabilities of Windows 10, how it differs to Windows 7, what you can expect during your migration and explain, in full, any impact your migration may have on your current processes and systems.

Windows 10 Pro is an agile and cost-effective solution with features that empower you to better protect and manage your business data and systems.

If your PC is relatively new, you may be eligible for a simple software upgrade, to determine if your computer is eligible, please book a free consultation, or call us on 03449 848 848


Apple iOS:

We understand that onboarding a new operating system can be daunting, especially in larger enterprises with hundreds of users. However, with most people opting for the iPhone as a favourite mobile device, it could be easier than you think.


Extended Support:

Following the end of mainstream support, Microsoft will begin a 5-year extended support period, this only concentrates on addressing security vulnerabilities.

Windows Server 2008:


When upgrading to a new server there’s a lot to prepare for, of course, you’ll want to make sure that your business is uninterrupted. You should consider;


  • Are your apps and software compatible with the new server? 
  • Can you upgrade without losing your data or do you need a clean install?
  • Is all your data backed up?
  • Should you consider migrating to Azure?
  • What server are you upgrading to?


    A tech audit by our consultants can offer clarity on the best course of action you can take to ensure your estate remains complaint, your data is protected and that your business continuity isn’t threatened. Whether your new server solution is Windows Server 2016/2019 or Azure, we can help you migrate your data and storage to a solution that not only meet your needs but exceed them, today and for the future.

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