Wednesday 1st May saw the Dynamics365 User Group meet up at the Wesleyan, Birmingham to discuss and demonstrate Microsoft’s latest, and up-and-coming releases.


MVP and Dynamics 365 expert, Andrew Bibby, kickstarted the evening with a walkthrough of Microsoft’s latest PowerApps addition; Solution Checker.


The Solution Checker analyses the performance of solutions within your IT environment. The tool is designed to offer insight in how to improve the quality and performance of our solutions through a BI interface.

When implementing a bespoke solution, often advanced customisation and extension beyond the Common Data Service platform takes place, in order to meet the complex requirements of the business. With progressive calibration comes an increased risk where stability, performance and reliability issues could occur. This could threaten the user experience and ultimately denote the value of the solution deployed. (This is why Solutions Architects are vital for Digital Transformation projects!) Fixing these issues tend to be time consuming and complicated, often via a process of elimination.

The Solution Checker feature performs rich analysis on active solutions and checks them against best practice rules, quickly identifying patterns and problems.

The feature analyses these solution components;

  • Common Data Service plug-ins
  • Common Data Service web resources (HTML and JavaScript)
  • Common Data Service configurations, e.g. SDK message steps.
  •   The findings are displayed in a BI-like dashboard and allows for interaction within each issue summary, even identifying supported resolutive documentation. This is a great new feature Microsoft have given us and one that will be celebrated by IT professionals everywhere.

    Next on the agenda was a demonstration of Forms Pro!  

    IBMs’, Dynamics 365 Architect, Josh Hetherington, and Application Architect, Ben Bartle, showed us the integrative capabilities of Forms Pro with Dynamics 365.

    Forms Pro, currently in public preview, is an enterprise survey and analytics solution that enables organisations to effectively capture and analyse feedback. The in-depth view of data on offer can prompt innovation to improve customer, product and employee experiences. Forms Pro comes with five ways to distribute surveys to segmented audiences. These are; email, Microsoft Flow, a link, QR code, or even embedded in web page content or PowerApp. The customisation of survey content is advanced. You can include your organisations logo, and attribute branching rules, tailoring a flow of survey content for the participant based on their given responses. The analytical capabilities of this solution are vast. Gain insight on sentiment and identify and track correlations between all responses. Another great asset of this feature is that all survey data is stored automatically in Common Data Service (CDS) allowing for results to be combined with other business data to build Power BI reports without having to import and export data between systems. As well as integrating with Dynamics 365, Forms Pro can work with other Microsoft resources like Office 365, and the PowerPlatform.  

    An evening with the D365UG is always an energetic one. As Solutions Director, Andy Mallett said, “If you want the real story on Dynamics 365 with a true inside track then you could do worse than attending the CRMUG.”

    The group also discussed the highly anticipated releases that are scheduled for later this year. If you’d like to find out more about new features coming our way, then register for our Digital Transformation webinar, covering the modern power of Dynamics 365.

    Senior Functional Consultant, Dominic Ryder, and Solutions Director, Andy Mallett, networking at the event!

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