At 848, we have built the provision of our bespoke projects and services around the methodology of Plan, Build and Run.

During the planning stage of a project there are a number of processes we follow to uncover an accurate picture of the clients requirements, pain points and future goals. Be it a Requirements Analysis; a comprehensive and complete representation of business IT needs analysing processes, capabilities and growth objectives. Or, alternatively, a Fit Gap Analysis can be conducted; the process involves collating detailed requirements into a features matrix, and providing a percentage fit rating with recommendations to discuss with stakeholders prior to solution implementation.

This stage is vital in ensuring we build and deliver solutions that are fit for purpose and satisfies the client’s needs.

Once a solution has been implemented and users are interacting and utilising the solution in practice, unforeseen needs or capabilities can sometimes surface. This is usually in the form of further integration and customisation. This is especially prominent in Dynamics 365. The solution is vastly intelligent and customisable. As solution experts, we are able to offer continuous improvement as part of the Run phase. Here, we build further upon the implemented solution, ensuring that the adopted technology fits the requirements of the business, and grows as they do.

The integrity in our processes are what segments us from other providers and are a contributing factor to the strength and longevity in relationships we have with our clients. At the end of the day Business Changing IT, isn’t a quick fix adoption. It is a transformative process that enhances operations, employee engagement, services and processes.

If you require assistance in discovering how modern IT solutions can transform your organisation, then get in touch. We are here to help!


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