Our client is a leading, global manufacturer of subsea production flowspools, chemical injection and control systems equipment.

What was the project?

Our client had identified and understood their current IT and Telephone systems had reached the end of their serviceable lives and needed updating and refreshing to help ensure the pace of their business growth did not become hindered or restricted as result of the less efficient and reliable, outdated IT and Telephone systems. 

By gaining an understanding of the customer’s existing business processes, the IT infrastructure currently supporting these operations and the objectives of the business, 848, working closely with our partner, could define and design a new IT and Telephone system that aligned technology with business requirements. 


848 helped our partner to define, design and deploy the new IT and Telephone system, including a new hardware server running Windows Server Datacentre Edition to deliver a high-performing and scalable foundation upon which the business can rely, new Meraki network switching, wireless access points and firewall to improve local area network connectivity and protect the perimeter from external threats, an automated system for off-site data back-ups and a new Telephone system using Microsoft Skype for Business hosted phone system and a new high-speed leased line internet connection to increase ease and flexibility of communication and remove the cost and burden associated with a traditional PBX phone systems and ISDN lines.


The outcome of the project, coupled with the ongoing Managed Support Services, was to provide our client with the confidence and peace of mind their investment in new technology will deliver the parity required to align with the objectives of the business.

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