Reinventing the value of zero with a free it audit

The world of Digital moves at lightning speeds. It’s becoming vitally important to have the appropriate infrastructure and solutions in place for your business. And, to understand how to draw the most value from them today and for the future.

If you feel that you need to understand more about your IT systems and in turn, achieve more value from it then our IT Audit is for you!


Please note, our IT Audit CAN be used in conjunction with our #GetTeamsTalking campaign as a Teams Assessment.

 848’s on-site IT Audit reviews your current technology systems and identifies areas where productivity and security can be improved.

We’ll talk with you about your business and your teams, where you see yourselves in the future and any issues you may have with your tech. 


The audit is completely free of charge and is without obligation. You don’t even have to worry about disruption to your day-to-day. Whilst we conduct the audit on-site, we don’t interfere with your users or your daily operations. 


The findings of your Audit will help you make the appropriate decisions needed to ensure your systems are meeting their maximum potential and impact for your organisation. This is crucial to obtain the highest possible ROI from your tech.  


We aim to work by measuring multiple metrics such as your mobility structure, business size and growth, security and protection and data storage and needs. We’ll be able to identify whether your current costs and services received, compare against the value a Professional Services partner, like ourselves, could offer.


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Questions we can help you answer: 


Are we operating securely?

Is my data storage and infrastructure aligned to industry compliance laws and standards?

Are my users effectively utilising the technology available?

Am I getting the best value from my suppliers? 

Are we protected against security risks?

Will my existing technology support our projected business growth?


Why 848? 


We understand that technology is the foundation of most, if not all, modern organisations. When you can trust your IT partner to support, assist or handle your tech, you can focus on what’s most important: Your business.


Feel the impact of Business Changing IT with 848; improve your business’ IT structure, efficiency and productivity, and ultimately accelerate your growth. 



We’re offering a free IT Audit / Teams Assessment to analyse your existing IT and map your journey to greater communication, collaboration, flexibility and security!

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