As we progress through the technological age, emphasis is on businesses to revolutionise. Digital Transformation to the Modern Workplace empowers people and processes. And, Office 365 can definitely help along the way!

What is Office 365?

So, you’ve most likely heard of, and had a degree of exposure to the suite of Office applications, (if you haven’t, I ask you: where have you been hiding my friend?). Microsoft offers an integrated experience of apps and services. The sole aim? To motivate you to pursue your passions and expand your business.

You can enjoy the greatest productivity tools, that are always up-to-date. Creating enterprise-grade services to organisations of all sizes!   Office 365 boasts a multitude of capabilities, with features that are ready for utilisation in all areas of business. The usual Apps are included; Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, and self-update, meaning there’s no need to upgrade your product.

Newer features such as, OneDrive for Business and OneNote are also included, increasing end user flexibility with document storage and collaboration. All are compatible for Tablets and Mobile, as well as the optional communication hub: Teams. A clear benefit of an op-ex model, over cap-ex licensing, is that it grows and contracts with your business. This is ideal for industries whom recruit to meet demand, for example, retail.

With an op-ex model, apps such as, Viseo and Project are also available for licensing. Online Services encompass impressive file storage and sharing capabilities. Offering a massive 1TB of cloud storage with OneDrive for Business, for each user! You can rest assured knowing documents produced have no limit in accessibility. Online, offline, on the ground, in the air; Office is there. Office Online allows you to use Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel, from any browser. Use Sway to create and share interactive reports, presentations and personal stories!

How can 848 facilitate Office 365 for your business?

You can have a brew and put your feet up knowing that we can not only install Office 365 on your systems, we can also migrate your existing data, such as; Email, home drives, local files, etc, over to your new system. In addition, we close any gaps of knowledge your employees may have, by offering focussed training. Furthermore, we offer all customers 24/7 support as part of Managed Services.

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