The question is on everyone’s lips after that Apple Announcement… can you use the new iPad Pro for Business?

Although Apple released some stellar products this week, like the super-cool Apple TV or the beautiful rose gold iPhone 6S, arguably the most impressive device was the iPad Pro. ‘In just 5 years, the iPad has transformed the way we create, the way we learn, and the way we work’, CEO Tim Cook quite boldly claimed at the Apple announcement event. The 848 Group oddly enough is the same age as the iPad, so we really understand what Cook means when he talks about how much technological advancement we’ve packed into the last half-decade. Demonstrated via a rather OTT space-age visual, the iPad Pro was revealed with a huge emphasis on the new 8 Megapixel Camera, the sleek finish, and the hugely detailed graphics.  Instead of watching the two-hour plus event yourself, just check out my breakdown for the top 5 ways you can use the iPad Pro for Business.

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Use the iPad pro for business based flexible working.
We just don’t like being chained to desks at work anymore. We like to write our reports in coffee shops, check e-mails on the train, bring our own devices with us to meetings. The iPad Pro weighs just 1.5 pounds, and comes with the compatible ‘smart keyboard’- a device which attaches directly to your iPad, to create a laptop-style set up. I really like the Smart Keyboard, as I find physical keys are much more satisfying to write a long piece of work on. When paired with cloud technology, this piece of tech could very easily become unbeatable. Light, multi-functional, and easy to take anywhere- good job so far, Apple.

Use the iPad pro for business creativity.

Although Apple have previously stuck to their ‘touch is better’ mantra, I’m glad they’ve introduced an incredibly creative stylus called the ‘Apple Pencil’. Although it’s pretty pricey ($99, no UK price yet), it provides amazing touch sensitivity. It monitors precision, force and tilt, so you can create fantastic works of art on a digital device. From a business perspective, it lets you have a hands-on approach to your documents. If you receive an attachment you need to comment on, you can draw directly onto it- adding directions, praise, or crossings out- and then send it straight back. It lets you collaborate with your team so much quicker, and for an expressive person (like me) it’s guaranteed to get your point across 10 times better.

Use the iPad Pro for business calls, with enhanced speaker and screen capacities.

the iPad Pro comes with some pretty impressive statistics. The new 12.9 inch size boasts 78% more screen area to work with, and with an incredible 5.6 million pixel resolution it really is quite visually stunning.  There’s also now four speakers to give a much better sound experience. The benefit to your company (aside from being to watch hi-def films on your lunchbreak) is that you could have immense video conversations, interviews, or meetings. There’s nothing I hate more than a jerky, unclear Skype call, and I think it can leave a really bad impression of a person- or worse, a really bad impression of the entire company. The iPad Pro could make your conversations crystal-clear for both parties, and maybe even help you close that lead.

USe the iPad Pro for business apps, such as Office 365.
Was there anyone who wasn’t completely shocked when Microsoft’s corporate vice president Kirk Koenigsbauer walked out on stage? There’s been some pretty big disagreements between Apple and Microsoft in the past, on both sides. I personally don’t think there’s a better Office-based software than Office 365, however, and I’m so glad the iPad Pro is Office compatible. Using the new apple-pencil optimised Office 365, you can add annotations to your documents with co-workers in real time, meaning everyone can get their point across at once. There are quirky new features for the pencil, such as changing thickness, colour, or transparency. If you’re a little artistically challenged, you can even set your drawings to convert into professional shapes.

Use the iPad Pro for business productivity.

I think this is probably the biggest draw for the iPad Pro. With a processor billed to be 1.8 times faster than the old iPad, it’s been labelled as ‘desktop class’. Apple have claimed it’s faster than 80% of other portable PCs, so if you are intending to use it as a laptop, you won’t be left short-changed. It will be running on the latest iOS 9 software, which (if you already have an Apple Product) you can test-drive on September 16th. A much-advertised feature is the multi-tasking capabilities the iPad Pro will offer: picture in picture, slide over, and split view are designed to let you work on multiple apps at the same time.

There’s no UK release or price for the iPad Pro yet. But I would suggest if you’re a professional who likes to think visually and work on-the-go, getting the iPad Pro for business can’t go wrong for you. There’s probably not a better tablet out there designed for your needs.

Should you use the iPad Pro for business… Yes!