Internet Explorer is approaching 21 years of age this year- sadly, this is the year that has signed its demise. There will certainly be a mixed response to its loss. Whilst IE once dominated 95% of the browser market in 2003, it’s since fallen rapidly and disastrously. Problems with privacy issues, freezing, and slow speeds have pretty much ensured that Internet Explorer has been the butt of every browser-based joke for a good while now. Despite this, it’s still been well used worldwide, and many people will have to make the switch to the latest version, or a different browser altogether.

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So, Microsoft have officially made the decision to switch to using Edge as their main browser, ceasing support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10. If your business is still chugging along on the old faithful browser, it’s incredibly important that you switch. Microsoft will stop providing technical fixes and updates to the browser- meaning it will soon become vulnerable, and an easy target for cyber criminals. Why ruin an incredible IT infrastructure with an out of date browser?

You can continue to use Internet Explorer on the latest version 11, which will continue to be supported. However,  Edge is a revolutionised descendant of IE, and you can expect features such as:

  • Enhanced Cortana capabilities. The browser has been specifically designed to work alongside Microsoft’s specialist search engine.
  • Annotation abilities. When you’re browsing the web, you can add notes and highlights directly onto the webpage, perfect for revisions and presentations.
  • Better security. Webpages on Edge are shown in a ‘sandbox’ browser, so if any malicious items appear on a webpage, they won’t be able to physically access your computer.
  • Improved extensions. Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge extensions can be made from the same JavaScript and HTML basis already used for extensions on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Keep your browsers safe and secure!