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Your business relies on IT. Once you have an IT system built to meet your growing needs and tailored to your specific requirements, you need to know you can stay online. Our Remote Support services are there, when you need them, when you don’t know you need them, and to help your team maximise their new system.

Support from 848 is not just ticket resolution. We provide training and preventative measures so you don’t have the same problem again.


Keeping you connected, keeping you productive.








When a client experiences a problem, our expert technicians begin by carefully listening to what has happened. Their experience allows them to ask a series of targeted questions to explore the issue, identifying the circumstances in which it arose.
Once the support desk have identified the circumstances, they begin inspecting the problem. Depending on the issue reported, they may be able to work remotely through administrative logins or visit the client’s site to solve hardware problems. 
The key strength of the 848 Managed Service is that fault resolution doesn’t just stop at the resolution. The helpdesk go the extra mile to provide training and guidance to ensure that clients can become more efficient and keep the workplace running smoothly.


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