IT that scales as you grow 


Understand your technology and your business in the round before you plan what needs to change.


You can develop a robust roadmap with a clear destination. Work with us to identify the key business drivers and clearly define them.


Helping you make the right decisions, as early as possible.








We listen to you and gather information that allows us to understand your strategy and goals, why the change, what do you want to achieve and why have you made these choices? 

Our aim is for both parties to be happy the solution is the right for your users and your organisation. 

Analysing the information and understanding we have gained during the diagnostics phase, we can begin to unwrap your organisation to understand what it is you do today and what it is you need to do tomorrow. 

848’s methodology provides the framework with which we can cover all elements of the requirement, from business to infrastructure, from service to security. 

With the information and understanding we have obtained from the diagnostics and analysis stages, we are then in a position to design a technical solution most suited to meet the objectives of your organisation and create: Business changing IT.


Aligning IT

Peace of mind that your IT system will support your goals and transform your workplace.

Whether we work together to examine your current business architectural designs or create a proof of concept, we will save you time and money in the long term.


Working together



We examine business and technology restrictions and begin to segment the problem into solutions that will deliver benefit and mitigate risk.

The scope of these solutions can be detailed in various forms such as project charters or project plans for RFP’s.



At the outset of every project, we assess the customers current and desired state, so we can clearly plan the journey.

Our Discovery Services can cover the entire IT estate or a specific area, for example, the assessment of desktop applications readiness for a Windows upgrade project.

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