Our talented marketeers are submersed in the world of technology and the barriers to entry experienced by our audience. We are carefully curating and creating engaging content through inspiring and interesting blog posts and web pages that help people navigate the jargon filled landscape and understand the solutions on offer for their business.

My role is to outreach our informative content to new audiences, building on our successful social channels with relevant and newsworthy industry updates. 848 have a growing social network, currently you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. Come and join in!

We are constantly nurturing conversations about Business Changing IT. Why? Because we genuinely believe with every fibre of our beings, it is a conversation worth having. The need for Digital Transformation to the Modern Workplace, is being more prominent for businesses wanting to achieve a competitive edge, and further the lifecycle of their business.

We consider our work a necessity and we love to watch our clients and customers thrive from the solutions and services provided! More importantly, we love to talk to our audience, be challenged on our opinions and answer any of your cloud technology questions.

Marketing Assistant, Hannah Goodwin talks Informative Content and Current Projects!