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Tag you’re in! Find out how to effectively use and create Teams tags!

Organisational Structures are constantly evolving within our industries, as is how we share information amongst the departments, teams and focus groups that sit within them. The technologies you adopt should support the functioning requirements of the roles that use them. Especially in the area’s of communication, content and knowledge sharing, collaboration and security.


Microsoft Teams utilizes multiple services and integrations within Office 365, for example, SharePoint, OneDrive and Planner. Which is great for both use cases of Teams; those that use it internally only, and those who use it both internally and externally with Guests/Clients/Partners. The interoperability between accessing platforms from a central environment streamlines communication and enhances productivity.  
 @Mentions have lived in Microsoft 365 for a while now, empowering us to address specific users in apps such as PowerPoint and Word.

In Teams, this feature extends to include the entire team by using the @team tag. This is a great time-saver yet can be limiting in that it doesn’t allow you to address a specific user group within the team.

After a recent update, Teams now allows you to configure tags comprising of those precise user groups.

Create a Tag! 


As with most user configurations, Microsoft has made creating a tag a really simple process taking just a few clicks!
 To create a tag;


  • Select Teams in your Navigation Bar and find your appropriate team.
  • Select More options
  • Name your tag and add the people you want to include
  • Click CreateIt’s that easy!

Are you confident you use the Teams Search and Command bar effectively? Find out here!

@Mention a Tag in Chat 



You can use also use your tag to start a new chat! Proceed to New chat and type the name of your tag, Teams will automatically populate the To: field with everyone in your tag. To get a close up of how you create a tag, watch my short demo below!

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