Your free network security assessment

Gain better visibility of your network protection with a complimentary security audit from 848

To help you improve the protection of your critical business infrastructure, we’re offering a free network security assessment. A network security audit enables you to identify security risks and gaps in your network infrastructure. By understanding where your network security is weak, you can make improvements that help you protect your network from data breaches and attacks. 

As your network is foundation of all connectivity in your business, it’s vital it is secure and protected against the evolving cyber risk landscape. That’s why we’re offering a high-level network security audit at no cost to your business, to make it easier for you to bolster your network security. 

What’s included in your free network security assessment?

Your free security audit will provide a high-level risk assessment and review of your network infrastructure. This will cover a review of your overall network security, in addition to an assessment of your controls, management practices and performance. Our team of specialists will perform your free security audit following a systematic process, and provide you with their findings in an easy-to-read executive summary – no jargon. 

Your free network security assessment

Audit overview 

This is a high-level security audit that will highlight key security risks and their potential implications. Our network security specialists will deliver a free half-day risk assessment and provide an executive summary of the risks and weaknesses. 

What to expect

Device and Platform Audit – to identify the network assets in your IT environment, as well as the operating systems they use.  

Architecture Review The architecture review assesses the actual controls and technologies that are in place. This includes a firewall review if applicable. 

Policy ReviewWe will review your security policies and procedures to see whether they match up to the standards needed to protect your technology and business information. 

We will assess 

  • Network security 
  • Control implementation 
  • Network availability 
  • Management practices 
  • Overall performance

We will highlight 

  • Any asset that is nearing (or classed as) end-of-support 
  • Summarise any open and applicable CVE vulnerabilities. 
  • Architectural and configuration security best-practice recommendations applicable to your network environment

Components involved 

Routers, switches, firewalls and wireless LAN controllers 

    The benefits of our free network security audit

    Identify potential threats to your network 

    Ensure the protection of valuable data 

    Uncover system issues so they can be resolved 

    Improve company security policies and practices 

    Gain better visibility of your network security landscape 

    Find network inefficiencies and improvements