A wild wednesday at D365UG!


February the 6th was a date highly anticipated by members of 848 group. The reason being? The meet-up of the Dynamics 365 User Group! Hosted by CRMUG, user group for customer engagement and Dynamics CRM, in Birmingham. Group Marketing Manager, Lisa Cooper, Business Analyst & CRM Specialist, Matt Jackson, and Marketing Engagement Assistant, Hannah Goodwin, won the office battle and right, to attend the event.

The focus of this meeting was on two subjects;

Logic Apps – Saints and Sinners Tour:

We were lucky enough to welcome Joe Gill, Irelands only Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) to centre stage, in which a demonstration was given on Digital Transformation, utilising Logic Apps as a B2B integrational tool. Logic Apps is similar to Microsoft Flow, in that both applications use the same workflow designer and the same connectors. The difference being, Flow is aimed more at end-users, and LogicApps, at developers.

Emphasis was placed on understanding how Logic Apps can be used to create low code integration solutions between platforms. This is crucial in connecting and maximising assets such as Dynamics 365, and corporate social media, for example.

Joe gave us a run through on a variety of integration scenarios, including; Apps, Node, Service Bus Queues, Dynamics Plugins, and Data Gateway (to mention just a few). In fact, you may have seen our #SaintsandSinners tweet, which was a real-time illustration of measuring sentiment of interactions with designated triggers within CRM. Cool right?

The second presentation placed attention on enterprise features within Dynamics 365 for Marketing. The presentation was split into two halves.

Firstly, MVP and Freelance consultant, Neil Pankhurst, demonstrated Dynamics 365 for Marketing segmentation capabilities and targeted customisation in marketing communication methods. Event creation mapping was also detailed, allowing us to explore enterprise-level event marketing, organisation, and management through CRM. Neil walked us through establishing triggers, actions and analytics, within the UI of the event portal of Dynamics.

The second part of the presentation welcomed Hitachi Pre Sales Architect, Lucy Muscat to delight us all with a comparative breakdown of Dynamics 365 for Marketing, and the main competition; ClickDimensions.

“Last night’s session was a great opportunity to see Dynamics 365 solutions and features demonstrated by Microsoft MVPs with huge amounts of experience in the field. I found the presentations engaging and the discussions, questions and answers that were raised only added to the value of the experience”. – Matt Jackson.

“The presentations where both excellent. Even though I am not developer minded, the Logic Apps presentation was highly engaging and easy to follow and a great insight into the more technical side of Dynamics 365.
Neil’s presentation was hugely valuable too and was the main event for me. As part of a demo of the events aspect of the platform, he shared custom code from his blog that triggered a search for registration details on the scanning of a QR Code. I can see the value in this for those that run events a lot as it would make check-in a lot simpler.
Lucy’s run through of the differences and similarities between ClickDimensions and the D365 Marketing module was incredibly helpful as we have traditionally recommended ClickD but are looking at how the marketing module might be a better fit for certain customers.
I am looking forward to the next event in Birmingham and can highly recommend it, even for the less technical!” – Lisa Cooper, Group Marketing Manager.

If you are interested in Dynamics 365, connect with Matt to find out more go.848.co/Matt